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Amy Rose
Jodi Goodhue
Coordinator of
Professional Development, SEL, & Equity
Coordinator of
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
The District Curriculum Council (DCC) is made up of members of the District Leadership Team and Curriculum Coordinators. The team will meet and work as a large team and as two smaller teams: Elementary Curriculum Council (ECC) (PK-5) and Secondary Curriculum Council (SCC) (6-12).


This team will work collaboratively, in conjunction with classroom teachers, to develop and facilitate processes for:

  • maintaining a curriculum review cycle
  • maintaining teacher-designed curriculum documents
  • supporting the implementation of instructional and assessment best-practices 
  • procuring materials and resources that support teaching and learning
  • maintaining an inventory of department materials and resources
  • supporting the development and implementation of professional development

Goals for 23-24

  • Review curriculum maps and/or resources
    • Inclusion of UDL/SEL, updates, implementation
    • Develop process for future map development
    • Curriculum warehousing 
  • Develop a curriculum review cycle to make informed decisions related to procurement of materials and resources
  • Data review & analysis 
    • Data informed decisions and data based instructional practices
    • Progress monitoring protocols
    • MTSS
  • School level & department level goals: 
    • RHS: UDL and SEL practices 
    • RMS: Claims/Evidence/Reasoning (problem solving) development & content incorporation
    • RES: Content programming & instructional practices