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As we move closer to in-person learning please know that meals will be served daily in all Rockport schools. We will continue to provide meals to students that remain in remote/hybrid learning throughout the remainder of this school year via our convenient pick-up locations and home delivery. All children ages 0-18 are eligible for meals. Please pick up meals for your non-school-age children at one of our convenient pick-up locations. Each meal bag contains today's lunch, tomorrow's breakfast, and today's afterschool snack! Watch for updates on our meal pick-up and home delivery schedules. Don't forget to pre-order Weekend meals by calling 978-546-1243 or emailing
* We offer healthy, "Smart Snack" compliant foods for purchase during school hours at the Middle/High School. At this time we cannot accept cash payments due to COVID safety restrictions. You may pre-load your child's account at or send a check to ensure funds are available for purchases. Send checks to RPK Food Services, 24 Jerden's Lane, Rockport, ME 01966.
During Remote Learning:
Food services will offer meals for pick up and home delivery (when necessary) Monday-Friday to all children ages 0-21. There is no need to sign up for weekday meals. Simply show up to one of the convenient pick-up locations during the designated times and your child's receive meal bags (consisting of 1-lunch, 1-breakfast, and 1-afternoon snack) for your children ages 0-21. Weekend meals (2 lunches and 2 breakfasts-available Friday) and home delivery is available by calling or emailing 978-546-1243/
During Hybrid Learning:
Food services will offer daily meals for in-person learning days directly to your child's classroom. We will continue to offer remote meals for pick up and home delivery (when necessary) Monday-Friday on your child's remote learning days.  In Elementary school, your child's teacher will canvas the class each morning during attendance to see who would like a meal delivered at lunchtime. In the Middle/High school Food services will approach each classroom with a meal cart with lunch offerings for your child in the Middle and High school. There is no need to sign up for weekday meals. Weekend meals (2 lunches and 2 breakfasts-available Friday) and home delivery are available by calling or emailing
Please continue to submit your application for FREE AND REDUCED Priced Meals as this is vitally important to our district. Our Free and Reduced Application numbers greatly impact federal and state monies that our district receives to help ensure our students receive the support they need to receive a comprehensible world-class education along with helping to support our computer network. An approved free or reduced status will also ensure you receive discounts on Transportation fees, Testing fees(SAT, ACT, and AP), and Athletic fees. Please help us help our students!
The School Lunch program is an integral part of the Rockport Public School System. We strive to meet all the students & staff's needs, both nutritionally and socially, by serving a nutritious breakfast and lunch of high quality in a cheerful, pleasant, and welcoming atmosphere. It is our role to encourage everyone to eat breakfast and lunch that conforms to the dietary guidelines for healthy Americans while recognizing the individual preferences of each person who participates in our program. Our menus reflect the students' tastes by offering the choices most popular to students. All lunches include an assortment of vegetables & fruit. A variety of milk (skim, low-fat, and fat-free flavored milk) is offered with each meal.
For your convenience, you may make online payments to your child’s breakfast/lunch account by logging onto (You will need your child’s 5-digit school ID number to set up the account). $25.00 Overdraft charge is applied to student’s account for returned checks, physical and electronic. If you chose not to make online deposits, cash and checks are always accepted. Parents can view account activity and check account balances online without making online payments. To do so, just log onto If you do not want your child to charge snacks to his/her account, please notify the food service office or log onto your child’s
Send Money to School account and set the restrictions.
If you would like to apply for free or reduced-price meal benefits, please log onto
If you would prefer a paper application, please call the Food Service office and one will be mailed to you. Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions!
Deborah Nokes
Office Hours 6:30 am – 1:30 pm
USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer
Checks for school meals should be made payable to "Rockport School Food Service"