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The Rockport School Committee occasionally forms subcommittees when resources are needed to be focused on specific areas that come under the committee's jurisdiction. The chairman will also make appointments of individual members to serve on other committees or in a liaison role. There are no standing subcommittees or appointed positions, all terms must be re-appointed on a yearly basis.
Notices for subcommittee meetings are posted on the Meetings page. Specific subcommittee meetings will be noted in the Meeting Information column. Minutes are taken and read at a subsequent school committee meeting. The minutes become part of the approved school committee meeting minutes for that meeting.
The following subcommittees and appointments have been created for the current school year (FY23):
Cathy Reilly
Policy: Mark Lorenz & Amy Oaks
Wellness: Nicole Altieri
Communications TBD
ES Council: Nicole Altieri
MS Council: Mark Lorenz
HS Council: Amy Oaks
Board of Selectmen Liaison Cathy Reilly
Board of Health Liaison
Nicole Altieri
FINCOM Liaison  
RTA Negations
Nicole Altieri