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Any child with a fever of 100.0 and above, or an illness with fever that produces chills muscle aches, sore throat, or sweating, should remain at home until 24 hours after the fever has resolved without fever reducing medicine.
Strep-throat, Conjunctivitis or impetigo (a rash with pustules) requires 24 hours of medication as prescribed by the physician before a student returns to school.
A child with a rash or skin condition that is undiagnosed by a physician should remain at home until all lesions are healed, or a parent can accompany the child to school for the nurse to inspect the rash.
Parents whose children have had any of the above conditions should contact the school nurse so that we may ease the transition back to school after an illness and implement communicable disease control in the school or classroom.
Your child may attend school with a cold, however, if your child has copious amount of nasal drainage, persistent coughing that interferes with the ability to participate in class, the school nurse will request that you bring your child home. Children with persistent cold symptoms should see the primary care physician.
The School Nurses do not have cold medicine in the school. If your child requires cold medicine before school, chances are that will wear off by lunchtime. If you feel that your child will need another dose of over the counter medicine while at school, please call the school nurse, plan to bring the medicine in, and fill out the Medication Authorization form.
If a mid-day dose of antibiotics is required, no-problem! Call the school nurse and we can accommodate your childs needs. You can print the Medication Authorization Form from the web-page.A responsible adult must bring medicine to school.
Your child may attend school if he/she needs short-term inhalers or nebulizers for acute RAD/Asthma or Cold. More pediatricians are prescribing inhalers for persistent cold symptoms. Ask your pediatrician for an extra inhaler for school or call the school nurse to make arrangements. While your there, ask your pediatrician for a spacer (Aerochamber), it makes it easier for you child to inhale the medication and its more effective.
Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our school a healthy place to learn.

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