Rockport Public Schools

The Rockport Public School District values systematic, purposeful, and structured learning experiences, that improve teacher practice and student outcomes. We encourage educators to continually acquire and apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities to address student needs and district, school, and individual goals.
The RPS's PDC's purpose is to: 
1. continually develop, review, and
    revise the Rockport School District's
    Professional Development Manual. 
2. review and make recommendations
    with respect to the Rockport School
    District's Professional Development
    Plan. Said recommendations will be
    presented to the Superintendent for
    his/her review and approval. 
3. oversee the implementation of any
    PDC recommendations that are
    approved by the Superintendent. 
4. provide feedback and suggestions
    for the professional development 
    being offered, work to ensure that        all schools are being provided with
    equitable and valuable professional
    development opportunities, and to
    encourage professional staff to
    develop and provide professional
    development to their peers.  
24 Jerden's Lane, Rockport, MA 01966
Phone: 978-546-1200
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