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COVID-19/Fall Reopening Updates

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Last updated 8/10/20

This Week
Next Week
  •  Review Final RPS Reopening Plans for DESE submission meeting: Monday, August 10th 

  • Building based committees continue to meet to fully develop hybrid and remote schedules 

  • Hybrid and remote plans presented in this week’s oversight, parent, and SC meetings 

  • Schedule all PD modules into the ten (10) days of staff training (8/31 - 9/15)

  • Full committee meets 8/13 to discuss and revise plan

  • Vendor to work with the RPS Maintenance Director to plan for HVAC audit   

  • Present Final RPS Reopening Plans  

  • Parent Forum Meeting, Wednesday, August 12th, 7:00 pm 

  • School Committee Meeting, Thursday, August 13th, 7:00 pm 

  •  Continued work with Board of Health  


  • Submit RPS Final Reopening plans to DESE 

  • Use results of the School Committee reopening decision to develop plans for any needed transportation of students for Fall opening 

  • Share schedules with staff and discuss best practices in each model 

  • Identify presenters and resources for each PD module

  • Audit to be conducted of air circulation, air quality, and HVAC system at all RPS buildings    

  • Reopening plans to be shared with all parents after the final school committee vote on 8/13

  • Continuation of identifying and purchasing needed supplies 

  • Use results of the School Committee reopening decision to develop plans for cleaning protocols for Fall  

  • Use results of the School Committee reopening decision to develop plans for food services in Fall

Opening of School Steering Committee coordinates work of the following Sub-committees:

Scheduling and Grading            Professional Development

PPE/Nursing Issues                Parent Communications 

Food Service              Custodial Issues

Bus/transportation             Building Modifications


For questions relating to the opening of school this year please email us at Please note you may not recieve a response to your email but we will ensure the questions are answered in our guidance that will be published. 

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Welcome to the Library!



Mrs. Katherine Schwinden, Ed.M

About Our Library Program:

We are not your grandpa's library!
Elementary school libraries are no longer places where students stop by to spend some quiet time looking for books and reading. Our library is a vibrant, active learning center where children participate in weekly lessons aligned to the Massachusetts School Library Association (MSLA) standards for information literacy skills. The ultimate goal of our school library program is to "help students at all grade levels  find, evaluate, synthesize, present and produce information efficiently, effectively and ethically" (MSLA).  We focus on developmentally-appropriate skills in developing life-long readers and learners.


Library Policies and Procedures
"Creating engaged readers takes commitment to developing a school-wide reading culture that actively encourages, supports, and models reading for pleasure. Fluent and reflective reading improves literacy, social skills and well-being, and enables independent learning."
(National Library of New Zealand)
All RES students are expected to take advantage of the resources in our library by bringing home at least one book each week. Learning to use the library is an important life skill which requires repeated practice. Also, children are more likely to read for pleasure if they have some choice in what to read.
  • Each student may take two (2) books home each week.
  • Books are due during the next library class.
  • Students may have up to four (4) books out at once. 
  • Students with four or more books out will not be permitted to bring books home until books are returned. They may get a book and keep it in the classroom.
  • Bills will be sent home for the replacement cost of lost books.
Katherine Schwinden, Ed.M.


34 Jerden's Lane, Rockport, MA 01966
Phone: 978-546-1200
Fax: 978-546-8140