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Elementary School Mathematics

The Rockport Elementary School Mathematics programming consists of courses at each grade level from Grades K through 5. All course content is aligned to the 2017 Mathematics Curriculum Frameworks (Massachusetts Curriculum Framework - Approved March 2017 by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education).  
Through a rigorous review of high quality instructional materials, Rockport Elementary School chose to adopt the iReady Classroom Mathematics program beginning in the Fall of 2021. In addition to iReady, Rockport Elementary School Math students have access to ST Math as a supplemental digital program to enhance student learning. 
The iReady Classroom Mathematics Program allows students to: 
  • Learn key concepts over multiple days to foster deeper understanding
  • Solve problems using a variety of strategies to increase their math flexibility 
  • Share their math thinking with classmates helping to solidify their learning
  • Make connections to the math they see in everyday life
Key components of the ST Math Program are: 
  • Spatial-Temporal Approach 
  • Deep Conceptual Understanding
  • Informative Feedback
  • Standards-Aligned  
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