Preschool » What Makes Us Special?

What Makes Us Special?

We are housed in the Rockport Elementary School:
This allows us to have access to enrichment opportunities throughout the year,
within our preschool day.
Students visit and participate in Music, Physical Education and Library:
Once a week, students engage in age appropriate activities with
our talented specialists teachers.
The preschool team collaborates with the Technology Inclusion Specialist:
Weekly visits with the technology inclusion specialist offer the students exposure and introduction to a variety of supporting apps and computer programs
to our curriculum related topics and skills.
We have access to the Health and Wellness Center along with the school garden:
The preschool supports the health and wellness in young children by creating opportunities for them to participate in cooking activities that allow them to explore with their senses and
build basic math and literacy skills.
We participate in community outreach with the Rockport Public Library:
We bring story time to our classrooms and field trips to the library in the spring.