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COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

The Rockport Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard provides information relating to the health of our School community—students, faculty, and staff—by transparently sharing metrics, such as the number of tests conducted, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, and trends in positive test results and percent positivity rates, consistent with local and state reporting protocols. Our testing operation is underway and operating efficiently and effectively. This dashboard will be updated each Friday with the latest information from our testing partners from the week prior.


Data updated: 6/9/2022

The above pooled testing dashboard does not include self-reported or municipality-reported COVID-19 positive cases involving students or employees.
Total number of positive molecular COVID-19 tests in a specific time period, divided by the total number of molecular COVID-19 tests in that same time period.
The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases based on positive test results in a given period. Presumptive cases are not included in the positive case number. Three or fewer cases are reported as such (<3) for confidentiality purposes.